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Well, you are in great hands. We can work on any special project that you might have. We have an R&D team specialized that can manufacture any cabinet size and pixel pitch. Contact us to start working on your project.

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Custom LED Screen

Huahai LED is a global provider of LED display solutions and a one-stop-shop for your LED needs. With our dedicated team of R&D specialists, we can accommodate and guide you through the process of custom LED screen implementation. We deliver the best and most innovative LED display solutions backed by our Media™ technology and consult on everything from a custom LED screen to perimeter walls, transparent displays, flexible designs, and so much more. Whether it’s billboards or stadium screens, we provide world-class LED display solutions where design and function come together in an unforgettable way. Our goal is to provide the seamless experience of incorporating LED screens into your business as industry leaders. Our expertise and wide range of products will be sure to exceed expectations.

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