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Advantages of advertising Mupis over other digital signage

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

When seeking to make a successful exterior advertising campaign, it is desirable (if not vital) to integrate top-notch technology to create a memorable experience for the potential client and turn it into a sale. To achieve this, LED screens are crucial.

But beyond LED screens, digital mupis create a bond between digital marketing and offline advertising, thus offering another communication channel with clients. You may be probably wondering how these digital marvels are different from conventional LED screens.

  •  First, the most outstanding feature that mupis offer is their integration with street furniture and the environment in which they are set, allowing creativity to go past the mere screen and merge it and its content with the surroundings in an eye-catching and innovative way. They are usually placed in street posts, benches, bus stops, etc., standing there strategically so people can't help but look at them and see the content shown. And if you think that offline advertising is dated, as long as people spend time out there on the streets, mupis and advertising screens are more than necessary to keep in touch with potential customers and clients in a more interactive and creative way.

  •  It is also vital to create a two-way conversation with passersby and apply some interaction with them, undoubtedly improving the users' experience. Mupis are excellent tools to increase your advertisement's visibility and enhance the spectators' experience who are the potential consumers of your products or services.

  •  What is more, Digital mupis make your campaign stand out and gain public recognition. They help you increase your image on social media. If your digital campaign is creative and interactive, consumers will follow you and like you on social media; they'll share your content, therefore opening a new door to reach them.

  •  Another significant point is being able to segment your campaign to a specific target audience. You can create a target zone in the places of your interest, such as movie theatres, universities, shopping malls, subway, or bus stations, you name it. You can even choose the time when you want specific content to be shown to make your content have the desired impact just at the right time.

They come in different sizes, from 32 to 65 inches, and are easily installed and maintained. As with most advertising LED screens, they can be remotely managed so as to schedule and control the display from anywhere, anytime. With a viewing angle of 140°, they are also equipped with anti-glare glass, which blocks sunlight and light reflection, thus always getting the optimal brightness and visibility. Your mupis will always be on duty thanks to their waterproof and dust-proof level of IP65.

If you haven't entered the world of LED advertising screens, it's not too late yet. Mupis are a great start to prove how screens can boost sales and increase customer fidelity. If you already use digital signage, this is probably the next step to bolster up your brand.

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