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Transparent LED Display

Pixel pitch:3.9/7.8/10.4/15mm


Transparency can reach up to 55%-85% with highest screen resolution. Screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5-15 meter.



All products housing are made by aluminum, They are only 15 kg/sqm including the structure and power supply, which is only half of traditional LED screen.

Real slim which is whole 
thickness is only 80mm.


By using new process and patented technology, we can save up to 50% of energy. At the same time, the color and grey scale also have great promotion.  


Transparent LED Display

The Huahai transparent LED display is the perfect solution for showcasing digital signage on a variety of glass walls. Our trademarked Media Curtain brings engaging glass media curtains to life, thus solidifying brand recognition. Made with our cutting-edge technology, it transforms ordinary building facades into vivid video walls. The ultrathin design provides easy installation and self-cooling technology, making this transparent LED display eco-friendly with 30 percent less power consumption while the high grayscale technology provides exceptional color transition and payoff. Weather and moisture resistant. Multiple specifications made to deliver the ultimate viewer’s enjoyment and designed for a memorable media wall experience.

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