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Led screens: a must-have item in lockdown times 

After the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 across the globe, many businesses from all sectors have committed to report everything from health and prevention advice to new opening hours, new products, and services. Most of them have squeezed one particular asset: Digital Signage. 

The pandemic has changed the way businesses perform more than any other crisis throughout history. Now the benefits of LED screens and digital signage are unquestionable, even for the most techno reluctant. Companies and any organization that want to remain competitive will undoubtedly embrace this technology. The lockdown has forced society to change, almost overnight, from real-world interactions to the online world. 

LED screens a must-have item for business purposes and are now an essential part of almost every communication we have or any piece of information we receive. Coronavirus has made LED screens protagonists of this health crisis, as digital signage plays a crucial role in spreading information about safety and public health, and keeping people up-to-date. 

How can LED screens help businesses adapt to the “new normal” and flatten the coronavirus curve? 

In the context of this unprecedented crisis, message repetition is key to success. LED screens can display updated, relevant and reliable messages in real-time. This information helps educate audiences on what is necessary for them to protect themselves and others. 

Some months ago, screens in a supermarket displayed special offers and promotions, now provide instructions to customers about how to discard their gloves and masks, remind them to keep a safe distance from other people, and other recommendations. 

Big supermarkets, hospitals, and hotels to grocery stores and pharmacies have remained open because they need to transmit prevention and security measures. Even small retailers that had to close their doors to the public have LED screens storefronts to redirect the scarce passersby to their online stores and display their offers while waiting for the transition from “stay at home” to the new normalcy. 

Most companies have had no choice but to rely on LED screens to interact with the masses: from stadiums and museums to curbside pickup, digital signage has turned into a lifesaver that has helped them navigate through the challenges of doing business in a worldwide pandemic context. 

LED screens to stay together alone. 

There is, or instead there used to be, a screen-time debate where people discouraged the use of screens in our daily life. They struggled to keep their children away from the smooth glowing glass of TVs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and any digital devices. However, they have now surrendered into the digital era as screens are currently the only way to keep in touch with our relatives and friends we can’t visit to infect them with the virus accidentally. 

Another significant change of attitude towards screen-time has been made in the education field since schools pointed at screens as guilty of the reduced attention span children have. They now depend on screens and digital connectivity to continue with the education program. 

LED screens in the future today. 

Of course, digital signage won’t stop the virus from spreading, but it is a great ally that helps raise public awareness. For this purpose, all available tools are welcome to keep people informed at all times. When people return to their routine, LED Screens will be at the forefront of all areas to assist and inform people. 

Digital signage is the easiest and most attractive way to provide customers with details such as the availability of certain products, new features, ingredients, etc. 

Even if the pandemic is not over yet, now is the perfect time to start thinking about developing content strategies that will be meaningful and relevant when we go back to normal. It’s also a good time for companies, businesses, retailers, and organizations to exploit the potential of their digital signage assets or introduce them. 

LED screens have proven to be more than fancy displays at shopping centers; they are now a must-have item. They have helped businesses and organizations keep running, but they have also helped us stay connected and overcome the most considerable lockdown time in history. 

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