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LED screens for Control Rooms and Command Centers

The versatility of LED screens knows no limits. They are more than fancy-looking digital signage and marketing devices. They are powerful allies to monitor a wide range of activities, thus contributing to the facilities and institutions' security and institutions that require top-quality pictures and perfect performance 24/7.

Our top-notch screens adapt to the most demanding organizations that require high definition, the most extensive uptime, and outstanding reliability. The media and the entertainment business most need our products: TV studios, stadiums, theme parks, etc.

However, there has been an increasing demand for other areas such as universities, hospitals, and emergency services. The need to supervise and control large numbers of people to guarantee their security and well-functioning of the institution makes LED screens an indispensable asset that contributes to the safety of both the staff that work in those places and the people who attend them.

Data centers and call centers, and transport facilities, have also started to fall back on LED screens. Screens high adaptability to different places and purposes make them an excellent tool to aid productivity and information availability. Airlines have long known the benefits of using LED screens to track all the data they process. Other transports and logistics companies have turned digital with LED screens in their command centers where they have fast access to any information they require. In this field, keeping track of fast-changing data is of vital importance to deliver a reliable service.

Monitoring facilities used in military bases are unthinkable without the technology provided by LED screens. With their high reliability and low failure rates, LED screens have proven to the most demanding users to be the best option to have everything under control.

Not only military facilities but other environments where safety is of utmost importance are prisons: they rely heavily on LED screens to monitor large areas in their facilities and where the monitoring personnel needs detailed and clear visibility of all the corners of the place at all times. There's no room for failure or image flaw. The content needs to be received in real-time, perfect quality, and detail. LED screens successfully aid control room personnel in their difficult task.

Command centers in factories and plants have also changed their outdated monitors to LED screens, acknowledging all the features these screens have brought in their slender design. Providing a 160° viewing angle, they are easily and comfortably visible at all times for the personnel operating them, and they also offer more than 50,000 hours of flawless service. There's no room for hesitation when you need the best quality image. LED screens cater for all your needs.

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