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Updated: Oct 13

As anyone in the sales business, when considering advertising options, the first things you’re going to evaluate are cost-effectiveness and results.

As consumers shift from online shopping to the physical marketplace, a common bond links the digital world with the stores out there in the streets: LED screen advertising.

Digital signage amazes customers and encourages purchases as they make the last decision on whether to buy an item or not. Digital advertising is the most captivating tool for appealing to customers.

They are reliable allies to deliver dynamic, eye-catching ads that encourage decision making towards acquiring the displayed products.


  1. Capture customer’s attention: Put your products in the spotlight to stimulate sales.

  2. Showcase products: You can advertise multiple items or services on the same screen, saving space, time, and money.

  3. Display special offers: you can schedule limited-time or on-the-go offers quickly and effortlessly.

  4. Drive sales: Turn window shoppers into real customers by using LED screens and digital signage.

  5. Communicate with your customers: Display opening and closing hours, company news, products launching, menus, or any information relevant to your business.

6. Interact with social media: promote stories about your products or brand and increase your followers and subscribers.

7. Improve customer experience: show facts, information, or product being used.

8. Outstand from the crowd: digital signage makes your store remarkable and noticeable. LED screens are proven to capture up to 400% more views than static signage.

9. Change, update, and control remotely: any changes and programming can be done remotely.

10. Save while you sell: LED screens are affordable. Their versatility, perfect images, and vibrant colors, mixed with engaging content, will make sales skyrocket.

Even if you have great products and excellent service, you have to outsmart your competitors and offer a better shopping experience. And LED screens are just perfect for luring customers and getting them through the door and, most importantly, to the checkout.

Customers are familiar with screens and minded to focus on them, so window digital signage displays impress them even before they walk into your store. LED screens give you the chance to show your customers all the fantastic products you have to offer and get their interest in them by showing amazing images and videos.

It’s a proven fact that visual content is by far the most persuasive advertising method. So why not compliment your shop window with a LED screen that will enable you to change the décor whenever you want, and since you can do it remotely, wherever you are, with just a few clicks. This last feature is super convenient if you manage multiple stores or branches.

You’ve got new arrivals, more stock coming in, or a new menu? You can take some pictures or shoot a short video with your smartphone, and they’ll be ready to be displayed on your store screen. Shopping is not just about purchasing the needed items anymore: it’s about the customer’s experience. So why not offer a unique experience every time customers walk by your store?

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