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Turn your facade into an advertising asset with our Media Curtains

The Media Curtain MCO Series is a panel of rods with integrated LED chips that can create lightning effects of any kind and color, as far as high-quality videos. Turning any facade surface into a transparent media system provides see-through advertisements with excellent resolution and definition for high-end branding.

It's groundbreaking, and ultra-slim design provides heat dissipation, thus avoiding the need for fans and cooling systems. Moreover, the sustainable and intelligent media system offers 68% transparency making it perfect for a wide range of venues such as shopping malls, skyscrapers, cinemas, stadiums, airports, theatres, landmarks, or any large commercial building.

The countless benefits of the Media Curtain MCO Series include special visual effects and excellent contrast ratio, keeping a perfect balance between transparency and display resolution. Besides, its versatile design makes it adaptable to the geometry of any building without any size restrictions.

The curtain has a 360-degree waterproof design, IP68, specially engineered to offer topnotch resistance to water, dust ingress, radiation, and temperature regarding the components and their resistance. This translates into the best performance regardless of the weather conditions. Specifically designed for easy installation and maintenance, it has a minimum weight of 15kg/m2, thus reducing huge heavy load-supporting structure reinforcement costs, usually associated with conventional LED video wall installation.

The Media Curtain MCO Series is the perfect investment to impose a brand in big cities where digital signage is everywhere. LED curtains will outstand from any other luminous signage around, delivering brilliant and high definition image quality while reaching a high degree of transparency and using minimum energy.

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