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SP-12.5/10SMD comes with SMT II, a patented hi-impact resistance shield that protects surface mounted LEDs and effectively reduces glare and enhances the LED's contrast. This technology also utilizes  both Nanotech coating and epoxy potting to create a smoother and flatter surface protection from shocks, vibrations, moisture and UV harm.

SP-12.5/10SMD comes with slimline and lightweight cabinets that are made of heavy duty aluminum laser cut to precision. Despite being 50% lighter than most displays in this category, these cabinets are designed and built to withstand frequent handling. Coupled with robust circuitry and component assembly, they are ready to perform even in the harshest environments.


SP-12.5/10SMD is designed with easy installation in mind. Its patented Quick-Connect™ system comes with an Allen key click pre-lock mechanism to make panel connection fast, safer and more secure.


HUAHAi's hi-fresh LEDs are developed specially for static free display when recorded on TV or video camera. With more than 3000Hz, these LEDs can display flicker free video images, which includes live video feeds with excellent contrast levels for comfortable viewing even in the brightest daylight condition. Rugged mechanical design with IP65/54 (front/rear) rating suitable for use in all indoor/outdoor fixed or mobile set-ups. Especially useful for rentals to withstand hard wear and tear.


1. Multi-Function usage ​​available for both indoor and outdoor stadium perimeter application, also can be used for rental events LED screen.

2. Soft, replaceable impact-resistant shaders protect LED's form harm and will not injure players in the event of a collision.

3. Super light design with only 25kg/pcs, save both shipping costs and labor costs.

4. The display with two unique, rugged stands can be adjusted different angles showing a perfect image to live audiences and broadcast cameras.

5. The whole perimeter LED display system is designed according to the superior quality standard, Anti-Interference security assurance.


1. Silicon rubber is chosen for waterproof protector. This material has high thermostability. We design three-protectors structure for waterproof.

2. The mask is designed with high capacity of impact resistance. Buffering arc-surface structure is applied for the mask shelter it can defuse the impact football, tennis ball and players.

3. New structure design. It can meet the needs of rental, perimeter and fix installation. This multi-functional cabinets makes the new items easily and conveniently applied in different occasions. And this structure makes the seam of cabinets connection much small during hanging.

4. New color collocation, the color contrast between the black cabinet body and silver-gray door makes the LED screen much more elegant.

5. Angle adjustable back bracket. User can adjust the best display viewing angle for audience by the bracket. When rental and fix installation the bracket can be folded on the cabinet.

6. Rubber protector for top of cabinet to protect the player from injury.

7. Aluminum alloy is used for the cabinet to reduce weight, easy to move form this stadium to that stadium.



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